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Table 3 Gene electrotransfer efficiencies of different HV–LV pulse combination, delivered by plate electrodes

From: Numerical study of gene electrotransfer efficiency based on electroporation volume and electrophoretic movement of plasmid DNA

HV pulse amplitude (V/cm) LV pulse amplitude
60 V/cm 100 V/cm 140 V/cm 180 V/cm
1000 316 305 310 337
1400 441 427 455 552
  1. The initial diameter of LTRs was 10 μm. The electrophoretic movement of charged particle during the HV pulse was neglected due to its short duration (100 μs). The values in the table represent the number of charged particles inside the volume of reversible electroporation at the end of the LV pulse out of 5000 randomly selected particles. Reversible electroporation volume was determined from the HV pulse, except for the 1000 V/cm + 180 V/cm pulse combination, where LV pulse generated larger volume of reversible electroporation than HV pulse