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Table 1 List of key words found in individual documents for the research group

From: Computer aided sentiment analysis of anorexia nervosa patients’ vocabulary

Id Positive keywords Negative keywords
1 Well, happy, satisfaction Bone, skinny
2 Accept Stupid, boring, ugly, sad, fat, ugly, horrible, hate, the enemy
3 Ideal, happy, easy, please, sure The disease, worse, long, fat, obese, losing weight, bone, terribly hard, lose, shred, fatty, exaggeration, the lack of
4 A simple Ugly, disproportionate
5 The impression Fat, unattractive, obese
6 Wine, to punish, hurt themselves
7 Like, nice Worse, embarrassing
8 Uptight
9 The joy of Weak
10 Cool, enjoy
11 Advanced The disease
12 Last, nobody, control, huge
13 Imperious, vomiting
14 Enjoy Pretend nothing, losing weight
15 Accept, an amazing, satisfaction, strong, tenacious, help, well Problem, fat, little