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Table 6 Selection of variables in machine learning and conventional methods for osteoporosis risk of hip, neck and lumbar

From: Artificial intelligence on the identification of risk groups for osteoporosis, a general review

Variables Machine learning method Conventional method
Age o o o o o o o o
Height o o o      
Weight o o o o o o o o
Body mass index o o o      
Waist circumference   o       
Pregnancy   o o      
Duration of menopause   o o      
Duration of breastfeeding o o o o     
Estrogen therapy o      o o o
Hyperlipidemia o o   o     
Hypertension o o       
Fracture history    o     o o
Osteoarthritis o o o o     
Rheumatoid arthritis        o  
Diabetes mellitus o o o o     
  1. SVM support vector machines, RF random forests, ANN artificial neural networks, LR logistic regression, OST osteoporosis self-assessment tool, ORAI osteoporosis risk assessment instrument; SCORE simple calculated osteoporosis risk estimation, OSIRIS osteoporosis index of risk