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Table 3 Axis and angle notations

From: Real-time inverse kinematics for the upper limb: a model-based algorithm using segment orientations

Anatomical joint Degree of freedom Identifier Rotation axis Rotation angle
Shoulder Elevation plane elv \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{elv}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{elv}}\)
Thoracohumeral (elevation) angle sh_elv \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{sh\_elv}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{sh\_elv}}\)
Axial rotation sh_rot \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{sh\_rot}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{sh\_rot}}\)
Elbow Elbow flexion el_flex \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{el\_flex}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{el\_flex}}\)
Forearm rotation pro_sup \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{pro\_sup}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{pro\_sup}}\)
Wrist Deviation dev \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{dev}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{dev}}\)
Flexion flex \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{flex}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{flex}}\)
Proximal-distal r1 pdr1 \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{pdr1}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{pdr1}}\)
Proximal-distal r3 pdr3 \(\mathbf {r}_\mathtt{{pdr3}}\) \(\theta _\mathtt{{pdr3}}\)
  1. The table lists identifiers derived from the model file and notations of rotation axes and angles for all relevant degrees of freedom used for algorithm formulation