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Fig. 1

From: A powered prosthetic ankle joint for walking and running

Fig. 1

Walk-Run ankle (Springactive): the motor powered prosthesis to investigate on walking and running is shown under load (a) and without spring deflection (b, c). The prosthesis consists of 4 major parts. The carbon foot, the foot adapter (light gray), the main housing (gray), and the motor gear mounting (black). The foot adapter includes the anterior spring attachment. The main housing has the ankle joint at the distal end and the connection to the motor and gear mounting at the posterior proximal end. A small triangular linkage connects the spring with the nut. This linkage is guided by a third attachment point that is in line (but no rigid connection) with the ankle joint. When the roller screw rotates the nut will move up or down to cause a joint torque at the ankle joint. In flight phase the movement of the nut will directly cause ankle plantarflexion or dorsiflexion. During stance phase the nut direction defines if the spring will be loaded or unloaded to modulate desired ankle tourque-angle profiles

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