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Table 3 Values of aqueous humor obtained by the simulation of high and normal IOP with the gravity in horizontal and vertical directions

From: Fluid and structure coupling analysis of the interaction between aqueous humor and iris

IOP(mmHg) Maximum velocity (m/s) Average velocity (m/s) Pressure (Pa) Temperature (°C)
In the horizontal position
 27 9.586e−4 3.89514e−5 3600–3611 34–37
 13.5 9.439e−4 4.10097e−5 1800–1811 34–37
In the vertical direction
 27 9.941e−4 2.49185e−4 3600–3611 34–37
 13.5 9.601e−4 2.50185e−4 1800–1812 34–37