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Table 2 Velocity values on the transverse plan at a distance of 10 mm from the XZ plane in the supine position of anterior chamber

From: Fluid and structure coupling analysis of the interaction between aqueous humor and iris

Velocity-inlet (µl/min) (a) PIV measurement (b) FEA calculation
Min velocity (m/s) Max velocity (m/s) Min velocity (m/s) Max velocity (m/s)
8000 1.00E−03 8.00E−03 2.18E−04 2.15E−03
9000 1.50E−03 1.00E−02 2.46E−04 2.42E−03
15,000 3.50E−03 1.50E−02 4.09E−04 4.03E−03
25,000 3.80E−03 2.10E−02 6.80E−04 6.70E−03
3000 3.90E−03 4.60E−02 8.15E−04 8.04E−03
  1. The values in (a) are measured by PIV experiment, and the corresponding values in (b) are obtained from FEA calculations