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Table 1 Solver settings and computing platform specifications

From: Coronary fractional flow reserve measurements of a stenosed side branch: a computational study investigating the influence of the bifurcation angle

 Type ANSYS Fluent—pressure-based
 Pressure–velocity coupling method Coupled
 Spatial discretization scheme—gradient Least squares cell based
 Spatial discretization scheme—pressure Second order
 Spatial discretization scheme—momentum Second order upwind
Flow courant number 50
Explicit relaxation factors  
 Momentum 0.3
 Pressure 0.3
Residual value for convergence [35]  
 Continuity 10−5
 Velocity 10−6
Computing platform 1 node of a cluster (2 quad-core Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.40 GHz, 24 GB RAM for each node, InfiniBand Mellanox for the main interconnections)
Number of computing cores 8