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Table 1 Examples of the notation used throughout this paper

From: Approximate parameter inference in systems biology using gradient matching: a comparative evaluation

Notation Meaning Example
Bold face uppercase letter or symbol Matrix \(\mathbf X\)
Bold face lowercase letter or symbol Vector \(\varvec{\theta }\)
Vector at time \(t_i\) Concentration for all species at time \(t_i\) \(\mathbf y (t_i)\) or \(\mathbf x (t_i)\)
Vector of concentrations for species \(s\) Concentrations for species \(s\) over all timepoints \(\mathbf y _s\) or \(\mathbf x _s\)
Vector of concentrations Concentrations over all timepoints for one species \(\mathbf y\) or \(\mathbf x\)
Lower case letter at time \(t_i\) for species \(s\) Concentration for species \(s\) at timepoint \(t_i\) \(y_s(t_i)\) or \(x_s(t_i)\)