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Table 3 The usability evaluation questionnaire

From: Education on electrical phenomena involved in electroporation-based therapies and treatments: a blended learning approach

No. Question/statement
1 Overall, I am satisfied with how easy it is to use e-learning
2 It was simple to use e-learning
3 I can effectively navigate e-learning
4 I feel comfortable using e-learning
5 It was easy to learn to use e-learning
6 I believe I became more confident using e-learning
7 The information (such as online help, on-screen messages, and other documentation) provided with e-learning is clear
8 It is easy to find the information I needed
9 The information provided for e-learning is easy to understand
10 The information is effective and complete
11 The interface of e-learning is pleasant
12 E-learning covers all the areas I expect it to cover
13 Overall, I am satisfied with e-learning
  1. Questions/statements (13) posed to the students in the usability evaluation questionnaire. Possible answers range on a seven-point Likert-scale, with ‘NA’ option for the neutral opinion