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Table 6 Clinical trials with electronic stethoscope listed in the registry

From: The electronic stethoscope

References and identifier Title Study population Enrolment Results
[159] NCT01040923 Validation of the cardiosond sonospectrographic digital electronic stethoscope in diagnosing coronary artery disease versus CT angiography Patients presenting themselves for cardiac CT angiography 200 Sensitivity: 89.5%; Specificity: 57.7%;
[160] NCT01605669 Correlation of auscultatory severity of aortic stenosis with trans thoracic echocardiography Patients with aortic stenosis seen in the internal medicine clinic 50 Sensitivity: 85.7%; Specificity: 72.4%; Accuracy: 75%
[161] NCT01665820 Study EM-05-012530 benefit of auscultation with 3 M™ Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope to diagnose murmurs and heart pathologies in overweight and obese patients with increased layers of adipose tissue Patients with a BMI greater than 30 and who have been scheduled for an echo examination 30 NM
[162] NCT00564122 A comparison of the accuracy of an artificially-intelligent stethoscope versus pediatric cardiologists in the assessment of pediatric patients referred to a cardiologist for the assessment of a heart murmur Patients in outpatient pediatric cardiology clinic site 300 NM
[163] NCT01512927 Electronic stethoscope and computer-aided diagnostic system in detecting arteriovenous fistula stenosis Patients with regular hemodialysis and who have received angioplasty 150 (expected) Sensitivity: 86.2%; Specificity: 95.2%; Accuracy:>90%
  1. NM not mentioned.