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Table 1 Material properties (NiTi)

From: Design of splints based on the NiTi alloy for the correction of joint deformities in the fingers

Parameter Description Value
E A Austenite Young Modulus 52650 MPa
ν A Austenite Poisson Ratio 0.33
E M Martensite Young Modulus 38250 MPa
ν M Martensite Poisson Ratio 0.33
ε L Maximum Transformation Strain 6%
σ s A M Transformation Activation Stress (A→M) 300 MPa
σ c A M Transformation Completion Stress (A→M) 340 MPa
σ s M A Transformation Activation Stress (M→A) 200 MPa
σ c M A Transformation Completion Stress (M→A) 180 MPa
T 0 Reference Temperature 22°C
C AM σ s , c A M T 6.7 MPa/°C
C MA σ s , c M A T 6.7 MPa/°C