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Table 1 Selected qualitative feedback (pros and cons) from participants.

From: Validating an infrared thermal switch as a novel access technology

  Infrared Thermal Switch Chin Switch
  Flexibility: switch works even in spite of user body motion and head rotation (as long as user face is in camera's field of view) Instantaneous activation
Pros's Non-contact More sensitive switch
  Possible to activate the switch with closed eyes  
  Reduced detection sensitivity immediately after taking cold drink or food (this problem is alleviated with time) Low detection sensitivity due to considerable head rotation or change of posture
Con's Reduced detection sensitivity if too much saliva in the mouth (this problem is alleviated with one swallow) Too many false positives due to small head motion, talking or any activity that makes the chin touch the switch
  Prolonged periods of switch operation may cause fatigue or jaw pain May cause infection if it enters user mouth
May cause skin irritation