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Table 2 Parameter assignment of the mathematical model

From: Computational assessment of the effects of a pulsatile pump on toxin removal in blood purification

  Definition Value Units Ref.
KoA urea Diffusive mass transfer coefficient of the dialyser (urea) 967 mL/min Specs.
KoA B2M Diffusive mass transfer coefficient of the dialyser (B2M) 290 mL/min Specs.
Si urea Dialyser sieving coefficient (urea) 1   Specs.
Si B2M Dialyser sieving coefficient (B2M) 0.8   Specs.
η urea Transfer coefficient (urea) 0.77 L/min 6
η B2M Transfer coefficient (B2M) 0.077 L/min 2
k f Water-transfer coefficient 0.24 L2/min/mmol 6
β urea Equilibrium ratio (urea) 1   6
β B2M Equilibrium ratio (B2M) 1   Est.
R Plasma water fraction 0.94   6
G Urea generation rate 6.24 mg/min 2
  1. More detailed cellular and vascular parameters were described previously by Ursino et al. [6]. Est., estimated; Specs., from the FX60 dialyser specifications.