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Figure 3

From: A Novel Segmentation, Mutual Information Network Framework for EEG Analysis of Motor Tasks

Figure 3

Proposed segmentation compared to behavioral data. The sections of EEG segmented out by the proposed technique (shaded boxes) is shown with overlaid force pressure required by the subject during the motor task(s). Segmented sections tend to be around times where there is a reversal of force and an increase in force required (block arrows, top panel), but this is not entirely consistent for the entire data set (middle panel), suggesting that segmenting solely based on the behavioral paradigm might be misleading. In contrast, a HMM-mAR technique results in rapidly cycling between states with no discernable relationship to the behavioral data (bottom panel). For this subject the proposed technique isolated 24 distinct segments, but the HMM-mAR method isolated 418 distinct segments.

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