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Table 3 Features that have some influence on the LDA-value.

From: Study of age-related changes in postural control during quiet standing through Linear Discriminant Analysis

  AP axis ML axis RD axis
Measures OE CE OE CE OE CE
mean velocity (b)   (a)    
total displacement (H) (I) (G)   (e)  
range (d)   (c)    
mean frequency (g) (i) (f) (h)   
peak frequency (k)   (j) (l)   
F80    (m) (n)   
RMS    (o) (p)   
Ellipse - major axis      (q)  
Ellipse - angle      (r) (s)
SDA - Dl (t) (u)     
SDA - Hs    (v)    
SDA - Hl (x)      
SDA - critical time   (y)   (w)   
SDA - critical magnitude   (A) (z)    
DFA - α     (B)   
ApEn   (E) (C) (D)   
H R/S   (F)     
  1. All features that were considered relevant on the estimate of the LDA-value, according to the LDA method, are presented, and each letter of this table associate each relevant feature with the equations (24), (25) and (26) for estimating the LDA-value.