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Table 2 The results of the numerical optimization obtained in this study. Hinit: initial height of the mass centre of the body. Hmax: maximal height reached by the mass centre of the body. Egain: energy gain of the mass centre of the body through the jumping motion calculated from the jump height, body mass and acceleration due to gravity. Δ: difference between the values for the "All Muscles" model and for the "Extensors Only" model.

From: Contribution of non-extensor muscles of the leg to maximal-effort countermovement jumping

  Hinit (m) Hmax (m) Jump Height (m) Egain (J)
All Muscles 0.931 1.317 0.386 277
Extensors Only 0.931 1.233 0.301 216
Δ - 0.084 0.084 61