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Table 2 Data for calculation of power density PV according to Eq. (7) for an MRI sequence with an SAR of 4 W/kg (manufacturer declaration)

From: Finite volume analysis of temperature effects induced by active MRI implants with cylindrical symmetry: 1. Properly working devices

permeability of vacuum μ 0 [V s / (A m)] 12.6E-7
magnitude of magnetic excitation field B1 [μ T] 25
repetition time of MRI sequence TR [s] 2.23
duration of one excitation τ [ms] 0.80
number of identical excitations during TR N   246
duty cycle cdc = N τ/TR cdc   0.09
pulse waveform modulation factor cpwm cpwm   0.45
Larmor frequency = resonance frequency of LC circuit ν 0 [MHz] 63.8
power loss density PV = P/(Q Vimp) (Eq. (7) PV [mW/(cm3Q)] 4.0