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Figure 27

From: From wavelets to adaptive approximations: time-frequency parametrization of EEG

Figure 27

Bottom: intracranial recording of an epileptic seizure, horizontal axis in seconds, sampling 100 Hz. Middle time-frequency distribution of energy was obtained as average of 17 MP decompositions in different realizations of a stochastic dictionary (3 * 106 atoms). Picture illustrates different dynamical states identified in [15]: near 15th second, the period of seizure initiation transforms into transitional rhythmic activity, then before 30th second the organized rhythmic activity with 8 visible harmonics becomes dominant, to dissolve into intermittent bursting activity near 90th second. Top-the same distribution in 3 dimensions. Data and interpretation courtesy of Prof. P. J. Franaszczuk and Prof. G. K. Bergey

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