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Table 5 Correlation between changes in the ECG and HRV parameters and the EP pulse delivery parameters.

From: Electrochemotherapy of colorectal liver metastases - an observational study of its effects on the electrocardiogram

Compared parameters No. of delivered EP pulses Average U applied to tumors Average I applied to tumors Total energy applied to patient
Δ mean NN 0.919 0.399 0.210 0.154
Δ LF 0.026 0.315 0.522 0.953
Δ nLF 0.239 0.616 0.271 0.060
Δ nHF 0.239 0.616 0.271 0.060
  1. Correlation was evaluated for ECG and HRV parameters with statistically significant change after ECT from Table 4. Values of p (statistical significance of the correlation) are given in the table.