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Table 2 Standard cMRI biomarkers produced by ReportCARD™ system (GE Healthcare).

From: cMRI-BED: A novel informatics framework for cardiac MRI biomarker extraction and discovery applied to pediatric cardiomyopathy classification

Left Ventricle (LV)


Right Ventricle (RV)


Overall Cardiac


A.S. Wall (cm)

P.S. Wall (cm)

End Diastolic Dimension (cm)

End Systolic Dimension (cm)

LV End Diastolic Vol (ml)

LV End Systolic Vol (ml)

LV Ejection Fraction (%)

LV End Diastolic Index (ml/m2)

LV End Systolic Index (ml/m2)

Fractional Shortening (%)

RV Major Axis (cm)

RV Minor Axis (cm)

RV End Diastolic Vol (ml)

RV End Systolic Vol (ml)

RV Major Axis Index (cm/m2)

RV Minor Axis Index (cm/m2)

RV Ejection Fraction (%)

RV End Diastolic Index (ml/m2)

RV End Systolic Index (ml/m2)

Stroke Volume (ml)

Stroke Volume Index (ml/m2)

Heart Rate (bpm)

Cardiac Output (l/min)

Cardiac Index (l/min/m2)