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Table 2 Characteristics of the memory integrated circuits

From: Software algorithm and hardware design for real-time implementation of new spectral estimator

Name Storage variable Addressing What is stored Symbol
C1MEM Constant 245 values Constant for MA equation c1
C2MEM Constant 245 values Constant for MA equation c2
EMEM Ensemble mean 245 × w values e.m. for each index at each w e - w
PMEM Ensemble power 245 values e.p. of each e.m. P w
IMEM Index 245 values Points to an element of e.m. i
SMEM Spectrum 245 values Spectral points S w
  1. w = segment length to compute the ensemble mean, 245 = the number of segment lengths for which the ensemble mean is calculated (from 81 to 325), e.m. = ensemble mean, e.p. = ensemble power, MA = moving average.