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Table 3 Different types of electrodes developed for electrochemotherapy of visceral and deep-seated tumors

From: Electrochemotherapy: from the drawing board into medical practice

Type of electrodes Location and type of tumors treated Institution performing treatment References/Clinical trial number
Long needle (Figure 3 ) Metastases of colorectal tumors in liver bone metastases soft tissue sarcomas Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy [22], NCT01264952
Veneto Region Oncology Research Institute of Padova, Italy
Endoluminal (Figure 4 ) Colorectal, gastric and esophageal tumors Cork Cancer Research Center, Ireland [108], NCT01172860
Expandable “umbrella” type (Figure 5 ) Brain tumors Copenhagen University Hospital at Herlev, Denmark [105], NCT01322100