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Figure 2

From: Prototype of biliary drug-eluting stent with photodynamic and chemotherapy using electrospinning

Figure 2

The photography and microscopic imaging of PDT-chemo stent. The prototype of PDT-chemo stent in each step of electrospun/electrosprayed process is presented under the photography and optical microscopic imaging. (a) 316 L stainless bare stent; (b) covered with PU backing layer; (c) covered with inner drug-storing layer by PCL/PEG = 9:1 with GEM loaded; (d) covered with outer drug-storing layer by PCL/PEG = 1:4 with HP loaded; (e) the prototype of PDT-chemo stent collected from cylindrical collector. Optical microscopy shows the extruded polymer from the syringe of electrspinning/electrospraying processes.

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