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Table 1 Glossary of symbols used in this manuscript

From: A computer model of lens structure and function predicts experimental changes to steady state properties and circulating currents

Symbol Description Units
C Concentration mM
D diffusion coefficient m2/s
e electron charge C
j fluid flux mol/(m2s)
k B Boltzmann constant J/K
p Pressure Pas
T Temperature K
f body force N/Kg
z Valence -
α solute species -
μ dynamic viscosity N.s/m2
ρ mass density Kg/m3
φ Potential V
L p intercellular hydraulic permeability m3/(N.s)
Os Osmolarity Osm/L
σ membrane reflectance -
g conductivity per membrane area S/m2
F Faraday constant C/mol
u Velocity m/s