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Table 1 Max differences of current density between the conductive-table and non-conductive-table cases within the lumbosacral region, obtained by varying the dielectric parameters of the mattress (conductivity and relative permittivity)

From: Investigating the role of capacitive coupling between the operating table and the return electrode of an electrosurgery unit in the modification of the current density distribution within the patients’ body

∆Jmax ϵr = 1 ϵr = 5 ϵr = 20 ϵr = 50 ϵr = 100
σ = 10-4 (S/m) +247 (A/m2) +645 (A/m2) +1491 (A/m2) +2492 (A/m2) +3418 (A/m2)
σ = 0 (S/m) +247 (A/m2) +645 (A/m2) +1491 (A/m2) +2492 (A/m2) +3418 (A/m2)
  1. All data are expressed as A/m2, the positive sign means that current density is increased with respect to the non-conductive-table case.