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Table 1 Four publicly-accessible sets of clinical data are selected for evaluation

From: A hybrid approach to the simultaneous eliminating of power-line interference and associated ringing artifacts in electrocardiograms

Databases f s
Data numbers/Channels (Durations) Brief description
QTDB 250 105/2-lead It was chosen to represent a wide variety of QRS and ST-T morphologies.
(15 min.)
MITDB 360 48/2-lead It was obtained from 47 subjects and contains affluent arrhythmia information.
(30 min.)
TWADB 500 100/multi-lead Including subjects with risk factors, such as myocardial infarctins, transient ischemia, ventricular and so on, as well as healthy subjects.
(2 min.(appro.))
PTBDB 1000 549/15-lead It was collected from 290 healthy volunteers and patients.
   (1.92 min.(appro.))