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Figure 4

From: Motor recovery monitoring using acceleration measurements in post acute stroke patients

Figure 4

Generic visualisation for stroke monitoring. The graph is divided into two sections representing two arms. The colour coding is based on the severity of the stroke - green represents normal activity and red represents severe arm disability. The y axis represents time and x axis represents calculated stroke index. The figure is divided into two parts vertically along midway, indicating two arms. As we move away from 0 in either direction, the severity of stroke increases. The custom colour coding is based on the NIHSS stroke scale given in Table 1. The recording started at 11:45a m and continued until 12:45p m. The doctor records only once during this period at the start of the recording (which is onset +24 hours) but the system records it continuously. Calculating the index within a 10 minute window has resulted in 7 discrete motor activity assessment. This is an evolving graph which gets updated every 10 minutes when the data collection is in progress.

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