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Table 5 Calculated R 2 between model data and in vivo data (plate electrodes, NPA)

From: Modeling of electric field distribution in tissues during electroporation

  Tumor B16 Tumor LPB
Model R2: R2:
σT1(E) 0.4842 0.5197
σT2(E) 0.4992 0.4799
σT3(E) 0.5028 0.4322
  1. * Subcutaneous tumor models with σ being independent of E (i.e. σT, σSE, σDF, σM, σM|| = const.) have negative R2.
  2. The calculated goodness-of-fit measure R2 between numerical data obtained with nonlinear model (i.e. model with σ(E)) and in vivo data obtained for B16 melanoma and LPB sarcoma.