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Table 2 Calculated R 2 between IA and in vivo data – plate electrodes

From: Modeling of electric field distribution in tissues during electroporation

  Linear model with σL = const. Nonlinear model with σL(E)
  σ L (0) = 0.093 S/m Exponential σ L (E)
R2: 0.1297 0.7995
  σ L (0) = 0.088 S/m Linear σ L (E)
R2: 0.1295 0.7993
  1. The calculated goodness-of-fit measure R2 between numerical data obtained with linear model (i.e. model with σL = const.) and nonlinear model (i.e. model with σL(E)) (i.e. model with and in vivo data.