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Table 1 Main cultivation protocols of human bone marrow-derived MSC (grey: serum-free protocol)

From: Eliminating the need of serum testing using low serum culture conditions for human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cell expansion

Medium Reference Primary isolation demonstrated Differentiation demonstrated
DMEM 10% FBS Chase et al. [27], Lohmann et al. [28], Montzka et al. [23] yes yes
DMEM/F12 20% FBS or 20% human autologous serum or 20% human allogenic serum Shahdadfar et al. [21] yes yes
DMEM 10% HPLs Lohmann et al. [28] yes yes
Panserin 401 2% FBS and GF Montzka et al. [23] yes yes
ESF basal medium and supplements Mimura et. al [26] no yes
Stem Pro MSC SFM (Invitrogen) Chase et al. [27] no yes