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Table 6 Comparison of the tests presented in "TEST SET B" (changes were realized in the membership functions of the entry set and its fuzzy sets)

From: Fuzzy method for pre-diagnosis of breast cancer from the Fine Needle Aspirate analysis

Tests Type of membership function (after adjustments in fuzzy sets) Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%)
PDM-FNA-Fuzzy developed trapezoidal (1) 98.59 85.43
Test B.1 triangular(2) 98.59 83.47
Test B.2 gaussian2(3) 98.11 84.31
Test B.3 dsigmoidal(4) 98.11 84.59
Test B.4 polinomial zero(5) 98.59 82.91
  1. (1) trapezoidal - function with straight lines with a flat top, resembling a truncated triangle.
  2. (2) triangular - function with straight lines, in the form of a triangle.
  3. (3) gaussiana2 - composed of two different gaussian curves.
  4. (4) dsigmoidal - created from the difference between two sigmoidais functions.
  5. (5) polinomial zero – asymmetric polynomial function, being zero at both ends, with an increase in the middle.