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Figure 1

From: Identification of recurring patterns in fractionated atrial electrograms using new transform coefficients

Figure 1

Flow diagram for pattern recognition in atrial fibrillation signals. ip=inner product, Σ=summation, =difference, p=pattern, S=signature, = number of candidate patterns selected by the Euclidean distance threshold value. The number of initial CFAE recordings m=216. After addition of interference, the total number of recordings m2 is 214. After comparison of the 214 spectral signatures with the power spectrum of the mean signal, based on a first threshold level Th1 for Euclidean distance ED1, candidate patterns are selected. By comparing the spectral signatures of the candidate signals using a second threshold level Th2 for Euclidean distance ED2, selections are made as to whether each candidate contains pattern A, pattern B, or no pattern.

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