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Table 13 Optimal beta values for random sampling on PDF geometry (SSIM optimization)

From: Optimal compressed sensing reconstructions of fMRI using 2D deterministic and stochastic sampling geometries

Sample rate Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image 10 Image11 Image 12 Median
62.50 3.879*1E-04 4.778*1E-04 3.463*1E-04 2.347*1E-04 2.575*1E-04 5.832*1E-04 3.699*1E-04 2.552*1E-04 6.620*1E-04 6.740*1E-04 2.959*1E-04 3.955*1E-04 3.79*1E-04
48.50 2.957*1E-03 4.742*1E-03 4.121*1E-03 1.513*1E-03 5.078*1E-04 3.129*1E-03 2.873*1E-03 3.145*1E-03 2.784*1E-03 1.926*1E-03 2.829*1E-03 3.197*1E-03 2.92*1E-03
40.60 2.834*1E-03 3.961*1E-03 3.234*1E-03 4.632*1E-03 4.970*1E-04 4.112*1E-04 2.602*1E-03 3.376*1E-03 1.889*1E-03 3.994*1E-03 2.581*1E-03 4.480*1E-03 3.03*1E-03
32.80 2.285*1E-03 2.578*1E-04 2.069*1E-03 2.080*1E-03 2.182*1E-03 2.415*1E-03 2.275*1E-03 2.245*1E-03 3.317*1E-03 3.334*1E-03 1.757*1E-03 2.649*1E-03 2.26*1E-03
28.10 4.355*1E-03 4.886*1E-04 6.020*1E-03 2.377*1E-03 3.631*1E-03 7.985*1E-04 2.793*1E-03 2.806*1E-03 4.510*1E-03 3.320*1E-03 3.175*1E-03 4.770*1E-03 3.25*1E-03
26.60 2.809*1E-03 2.626*1E-03 3.631*1E-03 1.898*1E-03 1.739*1E-03 5.134*1E-04 1.089*1E-03 1.712*1E-03 3.226*1E-03 1.510*1E-03 1.889*1E-03 2.007*1E-03 1.89*1E-03
25.00 2.474*1E-03 9.774*1E-04 4.994*1E-03 6.392*1E-04 1.381*1E-03 3.023*1E-03 4.750*1E-03 2.253*1E-03 7.196*1E-04 2.347*1E-03 1.936*1E-03 3.353*1E-03 2.30*1E-03
21.90 2.254*1E-03 2.776*1E-03 2.575*1E-03 5.158*1E-03 2.319*1E-03 2.012*1E-03 1.015*1E-03 3.837*1E-04 3.279*1E-03 1.706*1E-03 2.336*1E-03 2.642*1E-03 2.33*1E-03
20.30 2.022*1E-03 4.004*1E-03 3.867*1E-04 3.612*1E-03 4.730*1E-03 2.663*1E-03 1.801*1E-03 2.231*1E-03 5.073*1E-04 3.918*1E-04 2.242*1E-03 3.168*1E-03 2.24*1E-03
  1. The optimal values are shown for each image pair. The median value for each sampling geometry is also shown. In the leave one out method, the median values were only computed over the training sets. See Table 3 for details.