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Table 4 Hazard relationships for dichotomous age and z

From: Statistical learning methods as a preprocessing step for survival analysis: evaluation of concept using lung cancer data

Model Age Hazard Ratio Az
Dichotomous Age 1.72 (1.02, 2.90) 0.5792
Grade adjusted 1.78 (1.06, 3.02) 0.606
Gender adjusted 1.64 (0.96, 2.78) 0.669
Grade Gender adjusted 1.68 (0.99, 2.85) 0.677
Model z Hazard Ratio Az
Dichotomous z 0.25 (0.14, 0.47) 0.691
Gender adjusted 0.28 (0.15, 0.53) 0.738
  1. For the age and z variables, two groups were formed using the respective distribution median as the cut-point and compared. The hazard ratios (HRs) are provided parenthetically with 95% confidence intervals. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curves (Azs) derived from Cox regression models are also provided. Because age and z translate inversely with respect to hazard, increased age confers a greater hazard while decreased z confers a greater hazard. To make HR comparisons of z with age, the reciprocal of the z HR is required.