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Table 1 Input parameters available in the IHL and the CCL model of the new CLabUZH software

From: A graphical simulation software for instruction in cardiovascular mechanics physiology

Parameter Definition Default value Limits (min/max) Model
CVP Venous blood pressure in the vena cava 10 mmHg 0/30 mmHg IHL
HR Heart rate 70 min-1 40/160 min-1 IHL/CCL
Contractility LV/RV Myocardial contractility of the left (LV) or right ventricle (RV) rated relative to an average inotropy. 100% 25/200% IHL/CCL
TPR Total peripheral resistance 1.0 mmHg (ml s-1)-1 0.2/2.0 mmHg (ml s-1)-1 IHL/CCL
Compliance Rated aorta wall elasticity, defined as (δvolume/δpressure). 1.5 ml mmHg-1 0.5/2.0 ml mmHg-1 IHL/CCL
TLR Total lung resistance 0.1 mmHg (ml s-1)-1 0.02/0.5 mmHg (ml s-1)-1 CCL
Blood volume Total blood volume in the circulation 5.2 l 3.0/6.4 l CCL